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12 Month Flower Incense Set

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12 flower-shaped incense. Each flower represents the seasons of each month of the year. Comes with a ceramic incense holder.

January - Pine: A refreshing scent based on sandalwood
February - Plum: Inspired by the elegance of a traditional incense scent
March - Cherry Blossom: A gorgeous scent based on cherry blossoms
April - Althea: A refreshing scent reminiscent of fresh greenery
May - Iris: A subtle earthy yet sweet scent reminiscent of waterside flowers
June - Hydrangea: A scent that makes you forget the melancholy of the rainy season
July - Morning Glory: A sweet scent of summer flowers
August - Balloon Flower: A fragile scent that heralds the arrival of autumn.
September - Chrysanthemum: An elegant floral scent
October - Maple: A nostalgic scent overflowing in the mountains of early autumn
November - Ginkgo: A scent of autumn leaves that brightly colors the mountain sides
December - Narcissus: A daffodil like scent reminiscent of dark green leaves with traces of jasmine

Package Size: 2"1/2 x 7" (7cm x 18cm)
Burn Time: appox. 7 mins perpiece

Made in Japan


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