About us

at Dawn. was founded in 2016 by Eriko Trimble.  Before moving to Hawaii, Eriko obtained a vast range of experience in the fashion industry, from attending fashion school in Tokyo to living in Australia.  Eriko launched her brand and boutique in 2016. She designs her original clothing line in Honolulu, and it is produced in Bali, Indonesia, by working closely with a small, family-owned and operated factory.  Our At Dawn team carefully produces collections and products, resulting in inimitable pieces and our efforts to focus on slower fashion.


Our original line is consciously created; the clothing prints are designed in-house, often in collaboration with a local artist.  The color of garments is also carefully selected and hand dyed to completion. Our mission is to create clothing that you will love continuously, regardless of seasons and trends.  Natural fiber fabrics like linen and cotton, intentionally minimal and flowing, easily transform with each person and changing tastes.  We design with our wearers in mind and hope to create staple pieces that you will wear time and time again.


(Pictures from plant dye factory "TARUM" in Bali)

The style of our line is also reflected in our brick-and-mortar location in the ground floor of the Anaha building in Ward Village.  We have curated a selection of other brands from around the world that complement our At Dawn clothing that we know you will also cherish over time.

Dawn dôn/dän
(n): first light
(v): begin
Everything begins at dawn.