Cleanse Spray

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Cleanse Spray

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All Natural + Vegan Aromatherapy Spray  from Rose View.
As you sleep you sweat, you shed, you drool. Then there are environmental factors such as dust mites, pet dander, smoke, mold. Gently spritz this cleansing spray to disinfect, sterilize and kill bacteria. 



Grapefruit (citrus x paradisi), Palo Santo (bursera graveolens), Purify blend,  Rosemary (rosarinus officinalis) Witch Hazel, Purified Water


Always shake before use. Lightly dust pillows, mattress and covers. Also spritz the room and bathroom. Allow to settle and absorb. You can also spray on couches, pet beds, curtains...

*If pregnant please choose custom blend to have an alternative cleanse spray

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Hand made in USA.
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